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Are you ready?



 Are you ready to lose the maybe Some Day, I am not ready yet,  waiting game?   To  make those changes that would mean the most to you.

  Meaningful changes in life, relationships, career, work life or your body occur when you stop waiting and take decisive action.

Priority One Coaching is for those who want to strengthen their executive self and be in charge of their own  complex lives.  It is for corporate executives wanting to innovate their leadership, current role, career, and  organizations to create a different present and future.

Achieving solid results involving change is not easy.  The multitude of little changes required can seem overwhelming. We are biologically, neurologically and socially wired to keep things as they are.  Every false start and “defeat” impacts our self-esteem; biology, physiology and brain. Through neuroscience, we now know that for us to make changes has to do with many embedded personal, cultural, and belief factors, to name a few.

 As your coach, I work to facilitate a kind of self-directed neuroplasticity so you learn to alter your own brain and life.  I combine coaching with current fact-based neuroscience.  It requires you to explore and increase your self-knowledge, focused attention, deliberate effort, and actions.   As your coach, your personal life strategist, and confidential consultant, I can help you achieve the results you want most.

Call or email me for a free session. Seriously, there is no charge for curiosity. There is no substitute for taking action.   Another perspective can change everything. Yes you are ready!