Your Future Depends on The Steps You Take Now
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Who YOU are impacts every role you play, your leadership style, in your organization, in every relationship, in your family and everyone you come in contact with.  You may not even be aware of the effect you have. What you might be aware of is how you feel, what you do not feel, and how you would like to feel about yourself and all the aspects of your life. The focus of Priority One Coaching is YOU.

People hire a coach when they want to make a change in their life or, quite frankly, when change 
has found them. Sometimes that change involves a relationship with a person as in a separation or divorce, conflicts in business, a job loss, or finding out that your executive leadership style longer fits the Board expectations or your company’s work force needs.

 You may be considering retirement and are not sure what to do to make a meaningful next step. It could be that you want to explore finding a new career, or a job or a romantic partner, and you are over 55 years old you believe it is not possible.

I am an objective, highly trained professional, who listens and uses strategic questioning techniques to help you focus on what you want to change, improve, eliminate or add to your life.  When you form a partnership with a seasoned coach, you have a confidential sounding board, can face your circumstances head on, fine-tune your vision, perfect the outcomes and follow through with actions to achieve sustainable results.

You may have read all the self-development books stacked by the night stand; listened to multiple Ted Talks, attended seminars, leadership programs, advanced trainings; have the caring well-meaning friends and colleagues; and yet you still may be rehashing the past, floundering, and filled with great ideas that you cannot seem to act on.  I can help you pull it all together so you can take action. Make YOU a priority. Your joyful, productive, inspiring future can be waiting for you if you start with steps now! 








Contact me for a free coaching session. Self-awareness and a different perspective might change everything.