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The Birkman Method® Online Assessment, Birkman International, Inc., greatly accelerates and enhances the coaching process for individuals, work groups, leadership and career transitions.

The results can detail leadership styles, areas of stress, potential areas of conflict within an organization, with authority, within groups, and in decision making.  As a personality test, it accurately measures productive behaviors, stress behaviors, underlying needs, motivations and organizational orientation.

As a career tool, it  provides valuable, objective information related to professions and jobs whether an individual  deciding on a first job, a senior executive wanting  to explore a  different career, business ownership or life in retirement.   Based on the individual responses, the information generated can point to multiple careers, job directions; the outlooks for those careers, the specific skills and education needed, and expected salary.

This makes it an outstanding tool in coaching sessions with college students, new graduates, and those considering second and third careers as well. It is especially useful if you are returning to the workplace and redesigning your job focus.

Additionally, it provides great, focused information for people who want to design a post-retirement life energized with purpose, high-interest activities and relationships.

The Birkman Method ® consists of a Questionnaire administered online. It is a non-clinical tool and allows for the preparation of a comprehensive report detailing a work life, interests, occupational and relational profiles of you. The occupational profiles are derived from the responses of successfully employed people in over 900 broad and narrow job categories.  It also produces a relational profile which shows how an individual is likely to relate to other people, to the demands of work, the characteristic of work environments, and individual needs and stress potential. Other significant outcomes are reflective of personal management and leadership style, areas of strength, interests, challenges, potential disinterest, motivators, and de-motivators.

The Birkman Method® 

 It allows me to provide you with reports of highly individualized, descriptive and prescriptive information.  

Selected questions and issues that can be addressed in a Coaching session utilizing customized Birkman Reports:

"What is my leadership style and how does it impact others?"

“What careers and jobs might actually fit me and where can I find them?" Where in the country are my best prospects and for how much?

 "What do I personally need to consider in communicating to a potential boss?"  My current boss?  My partner?

“I have retired and I honestly want to do something; I do not want another career.  What area or activity might actually fit me now? Give me something to think about.

"How can I better leverage my style to lead change within my unique organizational culture?"


"We are considering a partnership, where would we most likely encounter stress and potential conflict?"

"In what circumstances am I most likely to be the most energized and effective?"

 “I am overwhelmed with my job responsibilities and stressed! What changes could I consider for the greatest short and long-term impact?"

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