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Career Coaching and Consulting


Do you want to change careers?

Are you worried about interviews and or the whole a job search process in general?

Do you have gaps in your job history?

Are you concerned because you were fired from your last job or have been out of the workforce for a while? 

Are you a so-called "retiree" or “senior" and find yourself needing and wanting to work?   How can you ramp up your presence? How can you address potential ageism; your fears and the underlying beliefs of our culture?

Are you a student or recent graduate and you do not know where to start or get started again?


I combine an individualized coaching program with structured content that covers the nuts and bolts of initiating, managing and achieving a successful job search. 

I offer concierge or al la carte career consulting in Resume Review, Interview Preparation and Role Play,  Networking event  communication rehearsals, Critique and advice on personal appearance and  ideas how you can be more likeable.


If you have read through my LinkedIn information, you know I have worked with thousands of individuals from all different professions and companies, including the military.  My background is full of experiences working with people who tried all different ways to represent themselves digitally and on paper to find connections and jobs that fit them.  Not just those that they can fit into.  I have worked with recruiters and with contingency as well as retained search firms.  I am very interested in working with you and understanding what you want your future to be.


This program may include the following:

The Birkman Method® Online Assessment:   The Birkman Method® consists of a Questionnaire administered online. It is a non-clinical tool and provides a comprehensive report detailing your work life preferences, interests, occupational and relational profiles. The occupational profile reflects how your answers to the Questionnaire are aligned with successfully employed people in over 900 broad and narrow job categories.  It also produces a relational profile which shows how you are likely to relate to other people, characteristic of work environments, your areas of strength, interests, challenges, potential disinterest, motivators and de-motivators. The report also contains to links from the job categories to The American job Center Network which connects to career outlooks, salary within geographical locations and job sites.

Personal Career Survey: Completion of a  document that is designed to capture information related to accomplishments or potential skills connected with  previous full, part-time, or summer jobs, volunteer efforts, school or school related activities and courses including clubs and athletics.

Identification of strengths, values, skills, environments, roles and possible direction(s).

Development of Resume(s) for multiple, specific job directions; new or renovation of existing resumes.

Mapping Job Search Actions including selection and communications with recruiters, human resources, responses to online postings.

Identification of Key Contacts and Networking; including step-by-step coaching and practice on how to conduct professional, deliberate conversations to research specific industries, companies and uncover hidden opportunities.

Communications in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Key messages, Cover letters, Thank you letters, Job acceptance letters, Responses to job turndown letters.

Networking:  What it is and is not! The etiquette, self-presentation coaching and practice, and follow-up steps.

Interviewing and Salary Negotiations:   Types of Interviews, Interview questions, progression, and discussion of typical situations and follow up.

Interview Practice Role Play Simulations and Feedback

This program is customized according to the individual. It provides a methodology, skills and behaviors that can be used throughout your life.


I offer confidential coaching sessions on the phone; face to face with Skype,   in a secure, online, encrypted Zoom conference room; and in-person if geography permits.




 As an Executive Career consultant I provide the expertise and advise on the how to initiate, develop and implement a successful career/job search.  This includes, but is not limited to, providing advice, recommendations, guidelines and opinion from the first development to fine tuning of resume(s), identification of multiple career directions, discussions on transferability of strengths and skills.  I provide step by step recommendations on how to conduct personal market research, accessing the marketing place, prioritization of all job search activities; communication styles, messages and interviewing techniques and salary negotiations.  I provide assessment tools, sample forms and formats and proven successful strategies for conducting managing a career transition and/or conducting a job search. I am the expert.


As an Executive Life coach, I provide the structure, focus, and questions for you to create the clarity and acknowledge your own truth on what you envision in your career, job, work / life environments and all of you relationships.  This may include questions and a multiple array of assessment tools for you to clearly identify your values, wants, and needs. This may also include questions for you to explore your personal standards and challenges as to what you are willing to do to create a life where you are in integrity 100% of the time. Ultimately I provide the nonjudgmental structure where you can experience who you are as a human being. I support you in the mining of your wisdom.  You are the expert.

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