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Change & Transition

It would be hard to imagine anyone, in 2019, is not  experiencing some form of anxiety, fear, even dread about the future;  personally, professionally, and globally. The changes we are all experiencing are occurring faster and faster than our individual ability to navigate. Many transitions are highly personal and may require the development of a new set of skills.  Working with a coach can help you discover your own clarity, focus and  to develop personal strategies that work for you. 

I have been coaching people, groups of individuals and sometimes organizations that are grappling with feeling stuck, distressed, de-energized, and helpless in some stage of transition after a change has impacted their world.  

 Now for definitional purposes, change and transition is not the same thing.  CHANGE is an external event that occurs. For instance, your job goes away, your significant relationship ends or drastically changes, you get married, you give birth to a child, you retire, you geographically relocate, your dog dies, a parent dies, someone significant to you dies or a child moves away, you find out you have cancer, you are told that your company is merging with another and you may be impacted by a workforce downsizing.   Change happens, sometimes abruptly, even traumatically out of nowhere, sometimes you sense it coming, it might even be welcomed, and sometimes can feel more like a boulder that seems to crash into you and collapse your known world.  It is definitely an ending of something.  It appears to happen TO you.

TRANSITION, on the other hand, is an internal process, it happens WITHIN you.  It involves a very personal journey you experience in order to adjust to what happened; to reestablish, sometimes reinvent yourself, your role, your identity, the structure of your life, relationships, sense of purpose. You may feel anger, fear, panic, self-pity, numbness, hope and excitement to varying degrees, all in a single day.    Sometime there is general disorientation where you may actually question your sanity.  In many ways personal transition have predictable stages and yet each very unique to you as an individual.  You are no longer who you were yesterday and yet you are no longer who you are going to be in the future. There is no usual time it takes to move through a transition. It could be measured in days, weeks or even years.   You may not experience a transition to retirement as difficult as does a former coworker or as welcoming a new baby to your family as do you or as does your oldest child.


Change has happened and is happening to us all the time.  How we navigate our transitions has a lot to do with who we are, how we interpret what has happened, our values, perceptions,  previous experiences and how informed we are about the transition process.  Sometimes knowing what to expect is helpful as are strategies and actions we can take to enrich the journey.  We can be in a Transition for a day, month, and years.  We may experience life as being stuck or as being on a free styling roller coaster. Working with a coach can help you identify that you are in transition and your personal pitfalls, support your positive coping styles and to take action.





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