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Greatness as a leader, and beyond that as a human being, requires the vision to see more and exclude less. It means looking inside ourselves more deeply as well as outside ourselves, beyond self-interest and immediate gratification. It means not just resisting the deep impulse to choose up sides to avoid uncertainty, but also challenging our blind spots and wrestling with our infinite capacity for self-deception.”  Tony Schwartz



Individuals and organizations frequently prefer to have an external coach to coach their existing executive(s) and new executives before, during and after the onboarding process.

With existing executives, there may be specific issues related to performance, or management style conflicts in the midst of the stressors of reorganization where multiple skill sets are required.

  Additionally, executive leadership coaching can be very effective in the retention of new executives before they enter, during and after executive onboarding, when the stakes are high.  I can offer the new executive a safe sounding board and assist with any challenges they encounter in their new organization.

Questions to consider:

  • What impact do you want your leadership style to have?   On your organization?  For yourself?  Why is what you are doing not working?  Why is it working? 
  • Are you energized by who you are as a leader or are you frequently overwhelmed, stressed-out and feeling like you are pretending to feel confident when you are not.  
  •  How are your people; your organization?  Are they as fully engaged, inspired and motivated as you want them to be?  As they want to be?  
  • You have a resonance or vibration that is reflected in conversations, emails, and your behaviors.  Additionally you are seen through a multitude of lenses of the internal and external stakeholders. Does what you say, your word choices, and how you say something carry weight?  Yes it does. Are you aware of  what your leadership “vibe” is?

 What you do not know about what you do not know can be a huge obstacle to your success.  

  As an executive coach, I partner with leaders in all capacities to establish a  process to achieve specific results and to design an integrated professional life.  I can assist you in the further development and deeper knowledge of what motivates and inspires you.  Together, we can explore and practice powerful communications so you can motivate yourself and your team(s).



 I look forward to working with you.  Remember, the introductory first session is free. I offer confidential coaching sessions on the phone; face to face with secure, online, encrypted Zoom conferencing; and in-person if geography permits.